"Yoga is the connection of the mind, body, and spirit. It is the release of the ego, and discovery of one’s true self."

Charlie's Credentials

Known for his gentle guidance, radiant personality, and ability to adapt instruction to student’s needs; Charles has a wide range of experience with styles and students. He believes that Yoga is for everyone, and certainly practices what he preaches.

Introduced to Yoga at a corporate workshop in 1998, his passion was immediate. The practice of Yoga provided him with a physical and spiritual healing that he knew he must share with others. Charles earned his certification in 2005 from Wendy Pinto, owner of The Yoga and Healing Center in Scotch Plains, New Jersey. He has taken workshops with Dharma Mittra and the very respected and revered late Thom Birch.

In addition to private clients Charles is a Yoga instructor for NYSC at several locations around New York City. Weekly he can be found at the Park Slope Senior Citizen Center in Brooklyn, guiding twenty to thirty seniors through Basic Chair Yoga lessons. He even has a class of twelve sassy seniors who practice Advanced Mat Yoga. He loves working with his “golden gals and guys,” most of whom never practiced Yoga prior. Currently Charles conducts Yoga retreats in Jamaica and St. Lucia. He has also taught at Crunch, The Yoga and Healing Center, Yin Yang Yoga, and instructed elementary school students at the Community Roots Charter School in Brooklyn. Charles has also lead workshops for physically challenged practitioners, and prenatal Yoga.



What styles of Yoga does Charlie the Yogi teach?

Power Yoga
Partner Yoga
Seniors Basic Chair Yoga
Seniors Advanced Mat Yoga
Children's Yoga
Prenatal Yoga

What styles of Yoga does Charlie practice?

Acro Yoga
Partner Yoga
Dynamic Yoga
Hot Yoga
Power Yoga
Dharma Mittra Yoga

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